Stronglite Portable Massage Table – Why This Folding Table Is No 1

For Newbies and Pros Alike The Portable Stronglite Massage Table – The Versalite Ticks A Lot Of Boxes.

Massage therapists help millions of people cope with physical ailments, soreness, injury and emotional stress. If you’ve ever wanted to give the gift of healing through massage, becoming a professional massage therapist is an excellent career choice that will bring you joy while helping hundreds of people in great need. A good sturdy massage table such as this one, the Portable  Stronglite Massage Table- Versalite fits the bill with its many durable features.

Why You Might Consider A Stronglite Portable Massage Table…

Features of the Stronglite Massage Table:

  • Durable eco-friendly 100% Satin Touch Vinyl
  • 2.25 Inches of CFC-free 2 layer foam cushioning
  • Dimensions: 30″ x 73″ and weighs only 26-29 lbs
  •  Height is adjustable from 23″ to 33″
  •  750 LB working weight
  • Standard 1 Pocket Carry Case
  • Warranty: 5 years on Frame, 3 year on Foam and Vinyl

The perks are many to list, but a few reasons people really enjoy becoming an independent massage therapist include being able to set their own schedule, taking on as many clients as they like, getting great exercise from physically doing the massage and being able to generate a great income for yourself are just a few…

Getting Started….

Getting started involves getting specialized education (in general and specific styles such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Chair) and certification but there is also a lot of hands on training that occurs along the way, both in class and out in the real world (most states require between 500 – 600 hours).

Finding The Right Table Means Reading Stronglite Massage Table Reviews…

And finding the right portable massage table during your training is just the key to getting one well on their way to a successful career as a therapist.

Durability, Comfort And Stability Are Key Factors To Look For

Not many massage tables out there offer the versatility, comfort and durability that comes with the Stronglite Versalite Portable Massage Table.

It’s designed with stability, strength and safety in mind, with high quality construction that will last through just about any conditions. It’s well priced, making it the perfect table for anyone getting started with massage or for seasoned professionals looking for a quality product they could rely on in the years to come.

Superlight T6 Aluminum Alloy Frame….

The Stronglite massage table frame is constructed of superlight, very strong heat treated T6 aluminum alloy in alloy in a durable, high gloss powder-coated finish. Weighing in at only 29 lbs , it’s light enough for the majority of people to handle easily.

2.25 Inches Of 2 Layer Foam Cushioning, Pivoting Face Cradle….

with rounded corners and 2.25 inches of two layer cushioning. It measures 30” x 73” and weighs just about 33 pounds. It’s durable and eco-friendly upholstery is available in 4 colors: black, royal blue teal and burgundy. The table package includes the table, a deluxe adjustable face rest and standard carrying case for easy travel.

The face cradle pivots up and down to suit each client

Telescoping Legs…

Stronglite massage table reviews like the ease of adjusting the height of the table. Simple push-button adjustors lock on each telescoping leg and are securely held with rubber knobs.  This way the table can easily be adjusted to heights ranging between 23”-33”.

The Stronglite table design is created to make taking portable massage tables from location to location and your life easier. It’s amazingly comfortable and easy to adjust, it’s height range, and the Velcro under the table makes it easy to store the face cradle and cushion.


Stronglite Massage Table Overview

best portable massage table

It’s no secret that providing quality service and having the absolute best equipment will open the door for more opportunities. Clients will love the safety and comfort of the Stronglite professional portable massage table and are sure to come back for massages. The massage table’s resell value is through the roof, making this a truly worthwhile investment for both professional and novices alike. Stronglite has outdone itself with this massage table.



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