Setting Up The Massage Room: Create a Calm Beautiful Environment

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setting up the massage room

Think back to what made the  experience of the best massage you ever had… Did the nurturing surrounds play a part in your feeling pampered and special? Spending some time putting thought into how your room/s present ideally is part of your business plan. Creating massage room surroundings with a beautiful ambience that feels calm, attractive and comfortable, are important when you are going to massage someone. You don’t need a lot of equipment, or a special room. All that is required is a comfortable, warm, quiet environment, with relaxing music, warm colors, clean fluffy towels, candles and of course a comfortable table! In warmer climates a quiet private garden is also a good choice as an out door massage room…

Small massage rooms reflect intimacy, while medium-sized massage rooms encourage friendliness, i.e. massaging in front of a sitting room fireplace would be considered friendly, but massaging in the bedroom would be considered intimate. Bear this in mind when massaging a client, partner or friend. It really depends on the relationship you have with the person as to the most appropriate place to do the massage.

The most important considerations are:

  • no clutter
  • peaceful surroundings
  • clean comfortable equipment
  • warmth in the cooler periods, a good heat source. Infrared heaters are a good option as they are inexpensive to run
  • An electric warming pad which creates a warm soft pad for the massage table, Check our top massage table warming pads here.
  • no children playing and running around
  • no telephone to interrupt you and a generally relaxing atmosphere

A Few Of The Basics You Will Need For Setting Up The Massage Room



  • A massage table
  • A blanket to lie on if you are working on the floor
  • Bath towels or blankets to cover the person being massaged
  • Massage oil
  • Gentle music (optional)
  • Subdued lighting
  • A relaxing massage can be given with great effect in the cosy surroundings of a warm living room

Use Relaxing Music When Setting Up The Massage Room

Your collection of CDs should include music suitable for playing during a massage. It should be tranquil and gentle. Music with vocals may exercise the mind of the listener, and can conjure up memories that may be unwanted or painful. This could partially negate the benefits of massage which may act on physical, emotional and mental aspects of the person being massaged. Whale sounds are good, as well as the sound of streams and rivers with gentle birdsong. This type of music will help your client to relax completely.


Using Candles And Fragrant Essential Oils Setting Up The Massage Room

A lit candle assists in creating the right atmosphere, and has the effect of creating a beautiful ambiance.
You should also consider the use of an oil burner with some soft fragrance to assist relaxation and establish the right ambiance for the massage.

Essential oils are a beautiful way to create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere for both the client and the masseur, setting the tone for a luxurious and enjoyable indulgence. You can buy essential oils as a kit or as single bottles depending on your preferences. A kit is a great way to go as they are both economical and will always include the most popular oils.

For example, the Aromatherapy Top 6  Kit includes 6 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler Essential Oils  with 10 Ml bottles of Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange and  Peppermint)


Aromatherapy Top 6 100% Pure Therapeutic...setting up the massage room

Oil Burners Smell Divine, Create Calm

Oil burners come in many shapes and sizes and generally consist of a ceramic container about 12-16cm (5-sin) high. A night light or food warmer candle fits under a small bowl which rests at the top of the burner stand, and this is filled with water and three or four drops of essential oil.

As the water and oil mixture heats up, the oil evaporates and diffuses into the air giving off the fragrance of the oil. When using essential oils in a treatment it is wise to ensure that the fragrance on the burner is similar to the one used in the massage treatment. The massage oil mixture should be prepared in advance and should be at room temperature.

Total Relaxation Is Vital In Setting Up The Massage Room

In the East it is believed that if the head of the person being massaged is pointing south or east the subject becomes more receptive to the massage and a greater degree of relaxation is achieved.
If you decide on candlelight and soft music when setting up the massage room, and you ensure that the room is warm at all times, you have a good chance that the person being massaged will relax, sometimes to the extent of falling asleep!
If you can place a small water fountainand an ionizer in the room so much the better, as this encourages positive energy and helps the masseur stay focused.

Setting Up The Massage Room: The Outdoors Massage Room

setting up the massage room

If the weather allows, it is a wonderful idea to massage under cool shady trees in the warmer months or near a bubbling stream or fountain to soak up the benefits of the outdoors energy. Natural surroundings create one of the best atmospheres for massage. Do remember to keep your client warm at all times though.

Using Tact When Massaging

Finally, it’s good to be aware  there are certain mental and emotional qualities worth cultivating as a masseur. When receiving a massage, one of the greatest fears the client may have is they feel uncomfortable with a stranger or, that their body offends you. If they are overweight they may believe their overweight body is unattractive. Alternatively, they may have a complex about being very thin.

Although you as a masseur realize that these complexes are unnecessary, it’s a good idea to be sensitive in this regard to your client as it will  make all the difference between the recipient being happy about the massage and feeling safe and appreciated or enduring it  because they feel that they “have to”

Use Color In Setting Up The Massage Room- Healing Benefits


ColourShading in setting up the massage room


Lastly, it’s important to be aware of the effect of colour when setting up the massage room. It is important to have a room which is peaceful and comfortable, making the client feel safe, relaxed and at ease. Each different colour has its own energy frequency whose vibrations do affect the human body’s own subtle energy vibrations.

If you are going to use colored towels and blankets here are some suggestions for creating a suitable atmosphere.

  • If your client has sore muscles then violet is a good colour to use. Violet is known to relax the muscles and is used in colour healing as an antibiotic.
  • Indigo reduces swelling and pain and firms the skin.
  • Blue is said to help with fever and encourages healing sleep.
  • Green has a peaceful and calming effect on the body and mind.
  • Yellow stimulates the mind and should be avoided or used sparingly in the massage area as the aim is to relax both the mind and the body. Having said that, in the case of very tight muscles, lemon yellow in the area may well help. This is a colour for the mind, so if you would like to enhance intellectual stimulation use at least a yellow towel in the head area.
  • Orange is an invigorating colour and is used to promote confidence.
  • Red is very invigorating and if you need to stimulate the circulation and warm the person you are massaging, then it can be quite a fun colour to use. Note that it will certainly not cause relaxation. Where a person requires detoxifying, the use of red it is appropriate as increasing the circulation assists in body detoxification.
  • Pink is the colour of love, and is soft and gentle, creating a calming, soothing and loving environment.

Having said all this, don’t limit yourself to these colors .Use what comes to hand and what colors appeal to you. If you do massage on a regular basis, you may want to have a special set of towels and blankets which you use specifically for massage.

Home Massage Can Be A Cost Effective Business Option

If you are looking at setting up the massage room at home, there are many benefits of running your business from home. These  include low running costs as there are no additional outgoings, ease and flexibility of hours, client comfort as many clients enjoy the lack of formality and if you are setting up a home massage business as a part time business, the cash generated comes in handy in addition to your regular wage.

Many people begin massaging as an extra way to earn more money while they work and build up their client base until they have sufficient clients to be self supporting and leave their day job. This is something you may be thinking of. By taking the time in setting up the massage room in a professional manner, you are presenting a professional appearance to your client which helps them enjoy a luxurious massage experience and they become a return customer which is what you are aiming for.


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