Sierra Lightweight Professional Massage Table For Mobile Massages Anywhere

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Sierra make the best professional lightweight massage tables and if you’re a massage therapist, and you don’t have a portable lightweight massage table then you’re seriously missing out on an easy way to get more clients and earn extra money.

If you work in a massage parlor, at a spa, or in a gym, you may be wondering why you should care. You have plenty of clients where you work. Why work more? Well, the economy is unstable. Your spa or gym may be doing fine, but what if it goes out of business…. You may be laid off. You never know what’s going to happen, so it’s always a good idea to look for extra means of making money, especially if you love what you do.

Most massage therapists went to school for their trade because they love helping people in a caring, hands-on manner. If helping people deal with their stress and anxieties, their muscle pains, and their tensions is what you live for, then why not do some more?

If you have a lightweight massage table, you can go to your clients’ homes. I  created a whole post on what you need to get started in your mobile massage business here

A Professional Portable Massage Table Allows You To Work Anywhere

A lightweight massage bed means you can set up in the outdoors on a sunny day. You can partner with local businesses for massage pamper days for employees, or clients at the office, or the store. Pitch the idea of massages at a company picnic… You may find, with private appointments and traveling to your freelance work, you make much more money, in less time than you do working for the boss at the spa or gym.

lightweight massage bed

Be Smart, Buy The Best Professional Lightweight Massage Table…

By simply taking your massage services on the road, you can well create a successful, flourishing business because you are going to your customer base. Many people either don’t want to go out for a massage, or physically aren’t able to. Having a mobile service can give you a nice regular income as mobile therapists are not so easy to find. Incorporate yourself, buy a small banner, and a massage table along with the right accessories, and you’re in business! It’s not even that expensive.

The Sierra Comfort Professional Series portable lightweight massage table can be found online for for very competitive prices on Amazon. You could make that money back – and more – in an afternoon.

Beech Hardwood Frame With PU Water And Oil Resistant Cover

This table in particular is a great choice for any professional massage therapist. Its beech hardwood frame and black PU leather cover looks and feels professional. The PU cover is also waterproof and oil-resistant. You don’t want to invest in a cheap, no name brand, lightweight fold up massage bed that will breakdown, get stained and look used after the first time massage oil hits it. That could be a career ender in itself!:(

Benefits of The Sierra Fold Up Massage Bed

  • The Sierra has a base wight of 36 lb. or 39 lb. with all the accessories
  • Includes Semi-circle bolster, zippered carry bag, disposable face sheets, adjustable face cradle and forward arm shelf.
  • 2.5 inch Luxe high-density, small cell foam for clients to sink into for the most comfortably supportive massage experience
  • Thick and durable PU leather is waterproof & oil-resistant
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty on the sturdy beech hardwood frame
  • Measures 72 by 28 inches (L x W)
  • Adjust the table height from 23-32 inches


ultra lightweight portable massage table


With a lightweight portable massage table, you can set up in your home, office, in your clients’ homes, or wherever you like. You can schedule appointments to suit your timetable and that of your clients and make more money than if you worked for someone else. You may even choose to charge your clients a discounted rate, and still take home more money because you’re receiving it all. Your overheads will be low, and you’ll be able to maximize your service and cater to all of your clients’ needs.

Sierra Comfort Lightweight Massage Table Review

A massage therapist who doesn’t own a lightweight massage table is losing a great deal of potential business options, and a massage therapist who doesn’t have a portable table is stuck to working wherever her table sits. Be as flexible as you want your clients to be when they stand up after a good deep tissue massage. Here are some tips on how to choose the best lightweight massage table.


best professional lightweight massage table

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