3 Best Hydraulic Massage Tables +10 “What To Look For” Buying Tips

massage treatment using the best hydraulic massage tables for client safety and comfort

Getting a massage is all about feeling relaxed with reduced stress levels and if you’re a massage therapist, the type of table you use will make all the difference in your client’s experience. Choosing  the is the perfect accompaniment to any therapists business because of the ease of adjustment.

The standout benefit of these tables is you can adjust the height in only seconds with the push of a foot pedal or hand control unit to suit your clients, making it easy for them to get on and off the table. No more fiddling around with adjustable legs, trying to get them at an even height, or even wondering will this table securely hold the weight of this client….we’ve all been in this position!

Buying The Best Electric Lift Massage Bed


Brand Name

Star Rating

More Details

Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table

4.8 / 5 Stars

Earthlite Ellora Tilt Electric Lift Heavy Duty Massage Table

4.5 / 5 Stars

Electric Lift Massage Table with Headrest and Arm Shelf

4.8 / 5 Stars

Choosing from the best hydraulic massage tables on the market takes a little research time but, it’s time is time spent well. You want a strong reliable, yet comfortable table that will perform smoothly. Sturdy – be able to support heavy body weights safely as well as offering a high degree of padded comfort. Other concerns might be if your client has chronic pain and is unable to lie down flat, they might be better of with a tilt table.

Hydraulic massage tables are sturdy work horses and offer many benefits over the cheaper wood based models. They are ideal for taking your business to the next level with the necessary equipment.

Why Adjusting A Massage Table Is Important

What happens when your client is suffering neck or back pain and is unable to lie flat as the pain levels are too great? They are in desperate need of pain relief to physically ease the discomfort. They may only be able to half lie down and feel safer half sitting and leaning back against a tilt table back….

Tilt Or Flat Bed Electric Lift Table

You may find a hydraulic massage table  which has either a flat bed or a tilt bed ideal. This kind of table allows for height and back support angle adjustments to be made easily, so  the body can relax into its most comfortable position. You want your client to feel safe, supported and most of all leave pain free after their professional experience. This is more likely to happen if they are made to feel relaxed and understood from the very beginning.

Why Is The Adjustable Height Range Important?

Choosing a table which has the ability to lower right down so people can get on without needing to stretch is preferable. Again, when people are in pain, the last thing they want is more pain by having to awkwardly climb up onto the table!

Check to make sure what is the highest level the bed goes to. If you are a tall masseuse, you must have an electric lift massage table which lifts high enough to suit your height. If the table is too low, you are at risk of putting to much strain on your back, shoulders and neck over time. All manufactures information will tell you the adjustable height range possible.

Adjustment is Everything

Adjustment is everything when it comes to using a hydraulic lift massage table. You may need to often adjust the height of the table depending on the client’s requirements and the way you get into the bodywork when massaging.  There are 4 types of adjustment modes: Foot pedal, foot bar, pneumatic  or hand control.

Foot Bar And Pedals

Foot pedals and bars are exactly as they sound. You push the pedal with your foot and the whisper quiet lift system adjusts smoothly and  fluidly without jerky motions to keep patients from becoming disturbed or distracted during their session.

Hand Controlled

Hand controls are attached by a cord and you move the lever, or push the button to smoothly glide the table up or down as required.


Pneumatic adjustment is super versatile too, although there are not a lot of these tables on the market. With the touch of a switch, the height and or backrest smoothly and quietly adjusts up and down with the pneumatic gas-spring technology. They are as easy to manipulate as electric lift massage beds.

You can save a lot of time by having the client fill out their personal height and width measurements before their appointment so that you will know ahead of time what adjustments have to be made.

Electric Massage Table Reviews


1) Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Is The Best Hydraulic Massage Table

The ELLORA EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table is is the perfect massage table for you if you don’t need a portable table. Customers have commented on the extreme smoothness and quietness as they operate the table. There is a discreet foot pedal which can be slid under the electric massage table and out of the way for safety sake.

When you are a massage therapist, it is important you look after your body. This table will save on muscle strain and physical well being. The Earthlite Ellora electric lift table is designed for comfort, sturdy, long-lasting reliability, easy care, and great performance. This table is a superb value and will pay itself of very quickly.

Benefits Of The Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table:

  • ADA compliant
  • Available in 3 widths- 28”, 30”, 32”
  • Length: 73” and height Range from Floor: 17” to 36”
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on frame, 2 years on motor and controls.
  • Weight: 180 lbs along with Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Natursoft™ Upholstery – 100% PU in 6 colors
  • Pro-Plush™ Deluxe 3-Layer 3” Cushioning System
  • Wheels For Ease Of Movement plus easy to use foot pedal
  • Rounded Corners with three layer, 3″ Pro-Plush Deluxe cushioning system
  • Lift Capacity 600 lbs.
  • Headrest sold separately

Forget Boring Black: Choose A Color You Will Fall In Love With…

  • Black
  • Latte
  • Maries Beige
  • Mystic Blue
  • Sterling
  • Vanilla Creme

As you can see there are a nice variety of colors to choose from to complement your massage room decor, an option many electric massage table companies do not offer.


2) Earthlite Ellora Tilt Electric Lift Massage Table

Earthlite Hydraulic Tilt Massage Tables are considered to amongst the best electric massage tables with an excellent reputation for price, quality and durability. All these are important features, especially if your table gets a lot of use!

The Earthlite Ellora Tilt electric-lift massage table is ideal if you are after a tilt massage table, whether you are using it for physical therapy, massage, and beautician work.

The Ellora Tilt can handle heavy duty work as it has a a heavy-duty steel frame which is perfect if you have a clientèle in the heavier weight range.

The smooth, electric-lift massage table actuator is controlled by an easy-to-use foot pedal which can sit safely away under the bed for ease of use by massage therapist and safety for your client.

As this is an ADA-compliant table, people with injuries or disabilities can be accommodated as the table will lower down to 17 inches from the floor, making it easy for them to get on, lifting them from 17 inches up to 36 inches without requiring any work on the part of the masseuse.

In addition, the Ellora Tilt is every bit as comfortable as a traditional massage table, with a Pro-Plush Deluxe cushioning system and Natursoft vinyl upholstery.

Benefits Of The Earthlite Ellora Tilt Electric Lift Table:

  • Electric-lift massage table ideal for massage therapists and physical therapy clinics
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Smooth and reliable electric-lift massage table actuator
  • Pro-Plush Deluxe cushioning system
  • Natursoft vinyl upholstery in a choice of 16 colors
  • Easy-to-use foot pedal to adjust table height easily
  • Tilting platform for sitting up
  • ADA compliant
  • Comes in 3 widths (28, 30, and 32 inches)
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Rounded Corners For safety
  • Components sourced globally

Choose A Gorgeous Amethyst, Burgundy, Sage or Mystic Blue Electric Lift Table…..

  • Black
  • Latte
  • Maries Beige
  • Mystic Blue
  • Sterling
  • Vanilla Creme

If you are looking for the best electric massage table with a tilting platform that lets users sit up for easier access for shoulder massages and neck rubs, the Ellora Tilt is a good option. Not only does this table tilt, it is design to move easily with a set of bottom wheels for easy transport across the room. Once in place, the wheels are lockable making this electric massage table nice and stable. The

The Ellora Tilt comes in three different widths, (28, 30, and 32 inches), with a length of 73 inches and a lift capacity of 450 pounds. The table weighs 180 to 190 pounds, depending on the table width chosen. The Ellora Tilt carries a two-year warranty on the motor and controls and a lifetime limited warranty on the frame.


3) Spa Luxe Electric Lift Massage Table, Headrest & Arm Shelf

Online is where you can find a wide selection of hydraulic massage on Amazon for affordable costs. Consider, for instance, the Spa Luxe Electric Lift Massage Table with Headrest and Arm Shelf .

The Spa Luxe electric massage table is made from premium grade materials. The cream-colored PU leather upholstery is durable, smoothly soft and environmentally friendly as well as being oil and water proof.

High Density Foam Cushioning

Lovely thick, high density, small-cell foam which is 3 inches thick ensures the ultimate comfort of your client as well as longevity of your table with its thick luxurious comfortableness.

Memory Foam Facial Headrest

This Salon Spa massage table comes with an ergonomic headrest which incorporates a memory foam face pillow which stops any facial pressure buildup for clients comfort.

Lockable Heavy Duty Wheels

For ease of movement when needed, heavy duty polypropylene wheels make for easy transportation when moving this electric massage table to the desired position simple. The wheels are lockable , ensuring there is no table movement once locked.

Whisper Quiet Motor

The PowerLift is equipped with the latest in motorized power lift technology. It has a super quiet, high quality electric actuator which raises and lowers the massage table height in a smooth motion with just a touch of the foot pedal, making height adjustment to suit your client’s needs super simple. There is no messing around with wobbly legs and pins, trying to get table legs equal in height!

Pneumatic Controls

Additionally to complete your clients comfort levels, there is a pneumatic adjustable backrest and leg section which can be raised or lowered for the ultimate in client comfort.

30″ x 87″ With 3″ Thick Padded Bed

The bed measures 30 inches wide, 87 inches long with the headrest and 3 inch thick padding.

This electric massage table is suitable for all forms of bodywork including massage, people with limited mobility, senior citizens, pregnant women, lymphatic massage, Bowen treatment, as well as all sorts of spa and beauty treatments

Benefits of the  Spa Luxe Electric Massage Table:

  • Smooth Electric Power Lift System lifts & lowers from 17 to 39 inches high
  • Sturdy iron frame for longevity
  • Ergonomic 3″ multi-layer Soft-foam system with Comfort Soft-touch PU upholstery
  • Adjustable face rest with pillow along with the matching arm shelf
  • 30″ wide x 73″ long
  • Qualifies for a Section 44 ADA tax credit

Remember, if you’re a massage therapist, the right electric massage table can make all the difference.


10 Points To Help You Make The Best Choice In Buying The Right Table For You

  1. Height Range- How Low To How High

One of the basics to decide on is the height range you want. This is the difference between the lowest setting and the highest setting. Some tables have a greater or smaller range of movement with an average range of about 12 inches

Think about how low to the ground and how high up you will need the table to go. Having the best electric massage table that lifts up to a certain height may be the deciding factor, particularly  if you do a lot of standing work.

  1. Noisy Motor Sound

Silent, or as close to silent a motor is preferable and trying out a table before making the purchase is certainly ideal. In fact, if you can test a few tables, that would be even better in our opinion. As you may be spending upwards of $1000, you absolutely want to be 100% satisfied. At least go online and read some electric lift massage table reviews

  1. Speed – How Fast Does The Table Move Into Position

Knowing how long it will take to get your table to the height and position you want, especially if it’s a tilt table, and how smoothly that process happens is important. A good table will move smoothly and pedal control should be very precise. You should hardly be able to tell when the table is moving. Online reviews will give you an insight on the speed.

  1. Control Method- Hand Or Foot Controls

Some tables come with hand controls, some with foot controls and some with the option of both. Many therapists prefer foot controls over hand controls as they don’t need to wash the oils from their hands before adjusting the table height. Using your foot to control the height is so easy.

  1. How Much Leg Room Is Under The Table

A very important consideration is the amount of leg and foot room under the table, especially if you work from a seated position. Even some of the best electric lift massage beds actually don’t offer enough space to put your legs underneath. Some electric tables have a boxed in motor under the table that completely reduces any leg room. Other tables can have legs that cross in such a way that can restrict your seating positions when working on clients. Make sure your legs fit underneath, choose carefully according to your needs.

  1. To Choose Flat Or Tilted Beds

Some hydraulic lift tables are flat, the same as traditional massage tables where the entire table lifts up in one piece. Other tables such as tilt table beds have the additional flexibility of moving in sections, allowing you to comfortably position the client. Some electric tables even have 3 sections that move independently. Choose a tilt table gives you the option to have the client in anything from a slightly elevated to a fully seated position.

  1. What Optional Extra Features And Accessories Are Included

Different manufacturers offer different features and accessories as standard inclusions in the best power lift massage tables. These can be and not limited to armrests, bolsters, length extensions, headrests and special carry covers.  If you are keen on a feature that your chosen manufacturer does not include, check with another brand name, as it may be available elsewhere.

  1. How Much Should You Pay- The Price Tag

And then we down to the sticky end. Price. The best electric massage tables can be eye wateringly expensive and you get what you pay for. If your practice sees a lot of clients, you are a physiotherapist, work with disabled people, then buying a top of the range model makes sense. The benefits to you are superlative. There is no point in wasting time constantly adjusting 4 legs, beds that fall apart after a while and the list goes on.

Good quality electric lift tables range from around $1,000 to almost $4,000 or more, depending on the features you want. The best hydraulic massage tables can err on the pricier end. If you are going to use them a lot, a more expensive table may be a sensible buy.

Remember to factor in the cost of shipping these heavy items. Hydraulic lift tables are very heavy and shipping costs can be considerable, so make sure you know what you’re paying for before checkout.

Make sure you do your online research as there are many deals available. You can easily  end up saving a few hundred dollars. Make sure you shop around, Check out specials for the best power lift massage tables and always check the  cost of shipping as it sure does add up!

  1. Make Sure You Get That Warranty

Another important point is the warranty. The electric moving parts can break down. Do not overlook the vlue of a warranty, especially when these are expensive beds. You may not have bothered getting one for your regular massage tables because they are relatively inexpensive. In addition to the frame, the vinyl, and the foam, you also have the motor and controls to take into account. A good warranty is worth its weight in gold and definitely worth paying for.

  1. Does The Company Have A History

Last but not least, if you are buying your table online, make sure you check out the credibility of the company. While you can buy directly from the table manufacturer online, there are some fly by night shoddy companies out there. It goes without saying, please do your homework. If you don’t know the brand name and the bed sounds great, start Googling with the name and the word “reviews”. For example ( brandname) + electric lift massage table reviews . You’ll very quickly find out if the company and products have a good reputation or not.

Why You Should Choose Any of The Best Hydraulic Massage Tables?

An electric lift hydraulic massage table provides 2 important options.

1) You can offer your clients a safe, strong and secure massage treatment as they can feel confident in lying on a solid table, especially if they are heavier in weight.

2) For you as a massage therapist, maneuverability is vital. Depending on your clients needs, you may need to lower or increase the height of the table to access their head, shoulders or legs….The hard work is taken away simply by pressing the foot control. Any physical strain on you is radically decreased and you present professionally.

When you are treating many clients per day in your practice, comfort and ease play an important role. Massage is a physical job, which can take its toll on the body over the years. Self care is one aspect to be aware of as a massage therapist and by choosing the best hydraulic massage tables you are choosing to look after your health and well being, as well as that of your all important customers.

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