The Best Folding Massage Table That’s Right For You: Lightweight & Portable

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The best folding massage table is one which is sturdy, lightweight, easy to fold up in a couple of moves for portability, and is a key piece of equipment. Regardless if you’re a professional mobile massage therapist, whether you’re in the beginning stages of your career or established in your high street salon, the right table makes your life easier!

A Few Key Points To Think About….

At the first glance, you may think most massage tables appeared to be the same. However this couldn’t be further from the truth. In choosing the best lightweight portable massage table that works for you, there are a few things you need to look at. Take into account the size, the weight, the cable system, upholstery, height adjustability and what the table is made from, wood or aluminum…

With the economy the way it is, everyone likes to purchase quality products that will last for years without having to spend a fortune. Typically, portable tables cost less.
At first glances, the 84″ Long Folding Massage Table by BestMassage could very well tick the majority of your needs boxes

The Best Folding Massage Table Is Lightweight, Easy to Adjust, & Transport….

What if you could find one of the most popular portable tables with almost a 1000 reviews with 95% of buyers giving it 4.6 star plus reviews? What if this table was suitable for professionals, therapists and students?

portable massage table reviews

What To Look For

Clients choose to have personal massages as a wonderful way to relax,  reduce stress and pain and release unhealthy toxins. Massage therapy successfully relieves chronic stress, debilitating headaches, insomnia issues as well as helping heal sporting injuries.

Make Sure They Are Lightweight So You Can Comfortably Carry Them

For those giving massages, the right table provides comfort for the receiver of the massage and is an integral tool in providing much needed services. Lightweight portable folding massage tables can be carried pretty much anywhere to promote your business, or used in client’s homes. Always check the weight of the table you are thinking of buying….Are you strong enough to carry it?

Sturdy or Not?

A good quality professional massage table must be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the individual, as well as to withstand the pressure on the table produced during a massage without creaking or groaning! Comfort is key to client happiness and satisfaction so they  must be comfortable to lie on, be support for your client, and provide enough give when pressure is applied as the therapist works along the body.

Height Adjustable

The majority of tables allow for height adjustments to move the table up or down based on the type of massage given and the height of the massage therapist. Face cradles are generally included which provide a comfortable place for the receiver to lay their head.

Where And Who Might Use A Portable Table?


portable massage tables used for sale

Did you know these tables are used by more than only massage therapists? They are perfect for home use and can be used for everything and anything from easing the pain of elderly family members who are less mobile, to beauticians who want to give facials in the comfort of salon style home visits.

Medical doctors and nurses who regularly make house calls can also use massage tables as an easy makeshift table due to their portability. They fold up compactly and are easy to store away. Most massage tables include a range of features essential for both the therapist and the receiver.

84″ Of Long, Wider, Solid, Sturdy Beech Timber

As people are getting larger you actually need wider tables so they can fit on. Not only are they wider, they must be constructed from superior grade beech hardwood for professional strength. This particular table can comfortably support individuals who weigh up to 450 pounds.  The benefits of using superior grade beech hardwood means your table is strong and will not creak or crack with use.

Table Height Is Adjustable from 24″ to 33″

The height of the table is easy to adjust from a low of 24 inches right up to 33 inches in height. The wooden pegs pull out and slot back in to securely hold the legs in place. You can adjust the table for a variety of heights and positions.

With the variety of height positions, you’ll be able to provide massage services for clients with massage equipment for home use who have disabilities  and may not be able to climb onto a higher table so easily.

Thick 2.5″ Of Luxurious Padding

All the top rated massage tables feature firmly comfortable padding with high density foam. On this particular bed, the 2.5 inch padding will keep your clients comfortable and when the table is not in use, you can easily clean the polyurethane fabric that covers the padding just with a damp cloth.

Many previous customers have purchased this table for a variety of uses from home massage, mobile massage businesses, salon businesses and for people wanting to give their partners and family massages. Most of the portable massage table reviews commented on how good the quality of the table is, with its many free accessories thrown in. If you are just starting out or want to upgrade your table,we suggest you take a serious look at this folding massage table. Make sure you read the reviews from other people.

Benefits of The BestMassage Top Rated Massage Table:

  • Available in 3 colors: Black, Burgundy and White
  • 2.5 Inches of lovely thick, high density, small cell padding for your clients maximum comfort:)
  • Designed from Beech Hardwood
  • Thick PU leather upholstery id oil and waterproof
  • Includes free adjustable headrest, side armrests, free hanging arm shelf, and premium carry case
  • The Face Cradle is removable
  • Table Dimensions: 73″ Long (without face cradle) × 28″ Wide
  • Adjustable Height: 24″ to 33″
  • 450lb Capacity

bestmassage two fold burgundy portable massage table

Massage Equipment For Home Use That’s Comfortable for Clients & Easy to Clean

This lightweight folding massage table is a great piece to use if you’re beginning your massage therapy career, and equally perfect for home use. The range of 3 color choices means the table can fit into any massage studio’s décor.

Once the head rest is removed, the rest of the table folds easily. Once folded, you can stow it in the included premium carrying case, or put it in the back of your car to transport it back to your massage studio or your next appointment if you do in-home massage therapy.

The Manufacturer Includes Extras with Purchase

If you’re pinching pennies as you starting a massage therapy practice, or are looking for a folding massage table to use at home, this table could be the right one for you…. You’ll get a massage table which is usually much more expensive designed with top grade, quality materials, remember the portable massage table reviews we mentioned… and includes all those free accessories which end up adding a lot extra dollars when you buy them as individual pieces.

What’s Included In This Package?

The table package includes the adjustable head rest, a face pillow, a hanging arm shelf, a pair of hand rests and a premium grade carry case all free of charge. With all the extras included with this inexpensive table, you’ll have more money to put back into your business and purchase extra supplies,such as a massage table warming pad, a massage sheet set, massage oils, a massage stool, disposable head rest and arm rest covers which will keep you run your business smoothly

Why You Would Choose The Best Folding Massage Table Overview….

You find a cheap table that seems amazing and you are so excited by the bargain! Fast forward to a few months further along and the table creaks and groans alarmingly as your client climbs on… Bits of table have fallen off or worse still, a cable breaks. A bargain is very rarely a bargain, which is why choosing to buy the best folding massage tables are an investment into your skills and your business. This is a table which stands up to repeated use by clients who weigh almost 500 pounds, is easy to clean, store and transport. You might just find yourself questioning why you’d need a more expensive model after you’ve tried this BestMassage table. Here are a few helpful tips to setting up your folding massage table.

adjustable portable massage table

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