What Is The Feathering Massage Technique?

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what is feathering in massage, how to use feathering in massage
Feathering Stroke In Massage Is Relaxing And Soothing

The feathering massage technique is when you allow your fingers to lightly brush over the skin using alternate hands, keeping them relaxed so that a similar energy can be transmitted from you to the recipient without too much effort. Care should be taken the feathering massage stroke does not tickle too much, so try to use slightly firm and light strokes.

Many individuals are very sensitive to light touch and tickling can easily irritate and be annoying rather than relaxing.

Feathering can be very stimulating, depending on the technique used and it has a strong sedating effect. The direction of the gliding action is not important as you are not moving blood or lymph fluid

The feathering massage stroke is an extremely gentle and relaxing technique, often used to join other strokes in sequence. If you have allowed your hands to glide up the leg using an effleurage stroke, then you can feather with your fingers back down to the foot. A good way in which to end a treatment is by the feathering massage stroke from the knee down towards the ankle-a technique that is almost guaranteed to make your clients fall asleep.

Falling asleep immediately after or during a massage should be regarded as a compliment to you as a masseur as a massage is all about extreme relaxation of the body from the stresses of daily life.

feathering massage technique
Feathering Massage Technique

Feathering Stroke, feathering definition


 How To Use The Feathering Massage Technique

1) Very lightly touch the skin with the tips of your fingers, stroking down the muscles with alternating hands.

2)Start the movement of the second hand almost where you left off with the first, slowly moving down the leg or limb that you are working on with the feathering massage stroke.

3)The important point in using this technique is to use slow, long smooth movements, always keeping contact with your clients body as it is primarily to relax the person


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