Buying An Electric Massage Table? What To Look For Buying Guide

While the traditional manual massage table has done quite a good job over the last few decades, electric massage tables have been exploding in popularity over the last 10 years or so because of how amazingly easy they are to use – as well as the improved benefits they bring to the table.

Electric massage tables are much easier to adjust for smaller masseuses (and allow you to take on larger and larger patients), and also provide more custom articulation that you just can’t get out of a traditional massage table.

That being said, an electric massage table is not the same across the board – there are different electric lift massage table components and criteria that you should be paying attention to.

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Invest in electric massage tables and chairs manufactured from quality materials

One of the ways that a lot of the different electric massage tables manufacturers are cutting costs and providing cheaper and cheaper tables,  is by using cheaper and cheaper construction materials. You want to make sure that your electric lift massage table has been created from high-end and heavy duty steel (or at least the frame is), guaranteeing that it’s going to be durable and reliable for years and years to come.

Earthlite Ellora Tilt & Lift Electric Massage Tables


The EARTHLITE  ELLORA Tilt is a perfect example in our list of the top of the line electric massage tables, one that uses a full heavy duty steel frame throughout.

Sure, this adds a little bit of extra weight to the massage table (these tables way anywhere between 180 and 190 pounds without anyone on them), but they give you the durability and product confidence you need throughout the years.

1) Make sure your electric massage table is comfortable, adjustable, and easy to manipulate

Obviously, you’re going to want to make sure that any of the electric massage tables you end up investing in are amazingly comfortable – not only for you to use, but also for your clients. It’s going to be nearly impossible for a client to become relaxed on a massage table that just isn’t comfortable, so go the distance when you’re checking out electric massage table coverings.

2) Make sure the table padding is thick and cushioned, preferable made with a high density, small cell foam padding of at least 3″ thick for the ultimate in client comfort.

You do not want your client wriggling as they try and get comfortable for the duration of their massage. This is a sure guarantee to put them off ever returning for another massage!

3) Make sure the vinyl or PU leather upholstery covering is of a good quality, with a thick and durable finish which is both waterproof and oil proof.

This is an important point as you will be regularly wiping down your electric massage table after the massage session for good hygiene. A water and oil proof finish means your massage table covering will last you for years and not stain, mark, degrade or rip with years of use.

4) You should also be paying close attention to how flexible or adaptable / adjustable the table you are considering is. Make sure you invest in an electric lift massage table offering full articulation, and it’s even better if you can find electric massage chairs or electric massage tables using foot controlled solutions to regulate the degree of articulation.

This allows you to concentrate on working with your hands while moving the table up and down, making sure that your clients really “stay in the relaxed zone” while you are delivering your massage. Some electric massage tables and electric massage chair  will come with this kind of foot control panel, but others will not – it’s definitely something that you want to spend a bit of extra money for.

5) And lastly, check the warranty carefully. Make sure any of the electric massage tables you are thinking of purchasing come with a good warranty. Read the reviews, all of them to see what people have to say. This is a great way to decide if the table is for you, or not and can save you an expensive mistake!

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Electric Massage Tables Overview

If you pay attention to these details, you should have no trouble whatsoever finding the very best electric massage tables for your business or needs, delivering the highest value massage possible to your clients, so they come back on a regular basis and pass the word around. After all, word of mouth is the best, cost effective advertising possible as probably already know!

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